Activities & Terms

Did you know that in Sweden it is illegal to leave the dog at home for more than 6 hours? 

The dogs are gregarious animals. They would love to be walked in green surroundings along with other dogs, while you are busy.



At HeyDog I promise you:

  • You get a happy and well balanced dog
  • Work on behavioral problems 
  • Seeking activities in green surroundings
  • Fresh air and attentiveness

Every dog need physical and mental stimulation daily to be happy. Boredom, lack of stimulation and exercise can result in behavioral problems.

With me your dog will get plenty of fresh air, exercise and play time.

On the walks your dog will be socialized through activities and social gatherings with other dogs.

  • Your dog will socialise with other dogs
  • Get a happy and tired dog home in the afternoon
  • I will pick up and deliver your dog after each walk



The dog owner must have valid and compulsory insurance (copy attached / displayed) and must be covered while the dog is in HeyDog custody.

Damages that the dog may cause during the trip must be dealt with under the liability insurance of the dog owner.

In the event that the dog becomes ill or injured during the trip, the owner will be contacted.

If I cannot get in contact with the dog owner, I will contact an veterinary surgeon. Expenses for this is to be paid by the owner.

There is no compensation for any lost or injured dogs.


The dog should be provided with dog tag and be chipped or earmarked.

The dog must have valid vaccination and have no infectious diseases.


If a female dog is in heat, it cannot participate in walks with the other dogs.

Dog owners are required to disclose maturity. There is no compensation for mating with wild female dogs. Cancellation due to maturity should be done with minimum a week's notice, otherwise required full payment. We will agree on replacement walks for the period that the female dog cannot participate in the walks.

The dog's character

The dog must be well socialized and able to get along with the other dogs and people in a peaceful and calm manner.

The dog must be able to respond to call, as the dog enjoys the walk the most if it can run loose.

If the owner wants the dog be walked on a leash, this should be disclosed to the dog walker.


Walks take place in weekdays. The dog owners can choose to have the dog walked with a monthly subscription or 10-walks card with minimum 1 fixed day of the week. The dog must wear a collar or harness. No chain due to risk of dental injuries during play. The collar / harness must be provided with the owner's phone number. Walks with the dogs take place in forests, parks and other places where dogs can run and romp freely. HeyDog provides dog treats and dog bags. If the dog can only have special treats, the owner must provide the dog himself.

Cancellation of walk

Cancelled walks with the month subscription are non-refundable.

Walks cancelled in the 10-walk card can be cancelled within 14 days, otherwise the required full payment. Walks that are cancelled in acceptable time are non-refundable, but replacement walks will be agreed.

If the dog owner or the dog walker cancels a trip acute, due to illness, there will not be charged money for that day. Replacement walks will be agreed. In acute cancellation due to illness or the like, both the dog owner and the dog walker must inform the other party as soon as possible.


Monthly subscription runs from the 1st of a month and paid in advance on the 1st of the month + 4 days. The walks take place in the paid month and cannot be transferred to other months. Cancelled trips will not be refunded or provided replacement walks. 10-walks card is paid in advance before the first walk. Payment of 10-walk cards and monthly subscription must be in either cash or by bank transaction. First purchase of 10-walk card and monthly subscription are included a trial period of three walks in which both parties can terminate the agreement and get the difference refunded.

By monthly subscription, both parties can terminate the agreement at least 14 days before a one-month period expires.

If the owner has several dogs that are walked at the same time, the full price is to be paid for the first dog and afterwards a 25% discount will be subtracted from each dog. Price changes will be announced on the website and by mail / SMS least one month before they take effect.



HeyDog has holiday closed in week 30 and 31. These weeks are free of charge.



Keys are to be placed at an agreed location on the pickup address on the day. Or an extra key is handed over to HeyDog, who holds it securely.